Wooden Works Movement Repair

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A few of the many subjects covered in this course.


  •   Cleaning the movement. 

  •   Conservation of the movement.

  •   Bushing wooden movement plates.

  •   Historically accurate types of glue.

  •   How to make hide glue.

  •   Understanding wood characteristics.

  •   Making wooden movement clock tools.

  •   Repair of the pillar posts.

  •   Tools needed in wooden movement repair.

  •   Pivot repairs.

  •   Pivot replacement.

  •   Weight cord replacement.

  •   Tooth replacement.

  •     Set up in the test stand and testing.

  •   Building your own wooden movement test stand.

  •   Replacement of the count wheel retainer.

  •   Repair of strike levers.

  •   Casting parts.

  •   Assembly and disassembly. 

  • Wheel restoration.  See photos to the right  --->


This course contains all new and expanded information not covered in any of the previous courses. 



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Wooden Works Movement Repair.

Music playing on the video preview is for preview only, not on the actual DVD video.



Examples of wheel repair and restoration.

One of the subjects taught in this course.

 Wooden wheel as found condition   Wooden wheel restored

      Wheel #1 as found condition.     Wheel #1 restored.   

   Wooden wheel as found condition   Wooden wheel restored

     Wheel #2 as found condition.     Wheel #2 restored.



The instruction manual for:  "Wooden Works Movement Repair"


This manual was developed to follow

the DVD video presentation and also includes many

additional tips, notes, pictures, 

illustrations, and details not included in 

the DVD program.

Wooden Works Movement Repair Manual

A 36 page manual is included with this course.  It follows the sequence of the DVD video portion providing additional information and notes for each repair procedure.  Each repair demonstration is divided by chapter and also includes a complete list of tools used in each repair.  Other repair tips, procedures, and notes are also provided that are not covered in the DVD video portion.  Plans to build your own wooden movement clock test stand are included in the centerfold of the manual.  It is just like the one seen and used in the DVD portion of this course.  Instructions for setting up a wooden movement tall case clock are also found in the manual.  Near the back of the manual is a 3 page master list of all the tools used throughout the course.  The master list includes the make, model number, cost and where the tools were purchased.  This manual is an important part of the entire clock repair course.



Inside Wooden Works Movement Repair Manual

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Inside Wooden Works Movement Repair Manual


Inside Wooden Works Movement Repair Manual