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The clock repair course consists of 2 volumes for a total of 4 DVD discs playable worldwide.  Total course running time: 4 hours.  A detailed 36 page instructional repair manual is included.  The price is $99.95.  Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world via United States Postal Service. 


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This is the first time this much information has been available and compiled on the subject of wooden movement restoration and repair.  There are no other currently published books or video programs available on this repair subject.

It is very exciting to finally have a comprehensive educational program on the subject of wooden works movement repair!  

So many wooden movements in the past have suffered from poor quality repairs.  With proper repair knowledge, many discarded movements that were thought to be beyond repair, can now be restored.  Hopefully, future repairs will be more historically accurate and be acceptably completed.

Broken wheels, wheel teeth, pinion leaves, movement plates, retainers, pivots, levers, complete time and strike systems can be repaired and restored.  With this repair knowledge, many of these restorations can be accomplished.  Most of these movements have been in existence for 175-200 years.  These should continue to provide enjoyment and service for at least that much longer with proper maintenance.

The basic principles of time and strike mechanisms remain constant.  Working with movements made of wood cannot always be repaired and serviced in the same manner as brass.  Wood presents different challenges that must be addressed in a way that accommodates the various characteristics of wood.  Therefore, experience in brass movement repair does not fully qualify one to repair wooden movements.  Many different techniques and procedures need to be used in the repair of wood movement.

This clock repair course consists of 2 volumes for a total of 4 DVD discs playable worldwide.  Total course running time: 4 hours.

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Repairs to the wooden works movement

Repairs to the movement.

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Assembly of a wooden works movement

Assembly of the movement

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Wooden Works Movement Repair.

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John Tope with wooden movement test stand

   Wooden movement test stand.

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Wooden movement works repair course on DVD including a course manual! Learn antique wood works movement clock repair. Home study course on DVD video.