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There are many sources for antique clocks and watches.  Each source provides its' own range of quality when shopping for antique clocks and watches.

  • Antique shops:  What you see is what you get.  Generally, these are sold "as is".  Quality and condition can be below average with high prices.  The astute collector will usually avoid these shops.  In a rare instance there may be diamond among the rough.

  • Antique auctions:  Generally the quality can be the same or superior to antique shops.  It depends greatly on the auction house and the source of the auctions' inventory.  You are more likely to pay a fair price and have a better chance in finding something special. 

  • Estate sales:  You never know what you may find.  Sometimes it can be a once in a life time find.  (See the Vienna Regulator pictured to the right.)  Usually the clocks or watches are fair to average.  Prices can be reasonable to high.  It the estate sale is professionally arranged, prices can be high.   

  • Clock and watch collectors:  Collectors of antique clocks and watches have the best clocks or watches with regard to condition and selection.  I have found their prices to be very reasonable.  The hard part is finding collectors willing to part with their clocks or watches.

  • Antique clock and watch collector associations:  NAWCC, AWCI and BHI are the largest organizations for clock and watch enthusiasts.  Everyone from the casual collector to professional horologists can be found in these associations.  Many of these associations have fairs, regional and national conventions.  Many antique clocks, watches and collectors can be found at these events.  A great opportunity to find and buy antique clocks and watches.  

The least likely place to find antique clocks and watches are at garage sales.  There was a time many years ago that you might have found something at a garage sale, but no more.  


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Large Viennese grande sonnerie regulator

Estate sale find.

Large Viennese grande sonnerie regulator by Adolf Weinberger.


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