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Why clock repair is important?

Antique clock repair is a dying skill and art. Most repairmen have either retired or passed on. Yet there remain many antique clocks in people's homes that are not in working condition. Many clocks are past down from generations and have become family heirlooms. These non-working clocks have not told time in decades.  Antique clocks also serve as a part of history, to be viewed, admired and to have an understanding of the past. 

When customers finally get their antique clock repaired, it can be an emotional event. It takes them back to their childhood when they last heard the clock strike, chime or tick. It can bring back memories of a grandparent winding the clock once a day or once a week.  When I was very little, we lived with my grandparents.  I can remember my grandfather winding the cuckoo clock in my grandparents dining room every night.  You can read stories from other customers on the testimonial page.

Of the remaining clock repairmen and women, their business is very strong. Waiting 3 to 6 months to have your antique clock repaired is not uncommon.  I recently spoke to one repairman who said his wait time is 2 years!  That is amazing!

Through the courses offered by Tick Tock Productions, you can learn to repair antique clocks. There are over 30 hours of DVD training offered through these courses.  Many retired people take up and learn clock repair to start for fun or for profit. Being able to restore and repair Grandpa's or Grandma's old clock can be a satisfying and rewarding moment.  It is the only real hobby or part time business from home that can make you money. 

If you want to enjoy antique clocks as a hobby, repair your own clock collection or start a repair business, these DVD courses are available for anyone who has an interest. Each course has 4 to 4.5 hours of easy to learn antique clock repair DVD instruction. A course repair manual is included. They are filmed in high quality digital video for superior DVD visual clarity. One can watch, learn, and understand with close up shots of actual live clock repair demonstrations. These courses teach museum quality restoration and repair of antique clocks. Students of each antique clock repair course will learn the necessary steps to successfully repair many problems encountered with antique mechanical clocks.



  Learn clock repair with these DVD courses!  Course manuals are included. 

Watch, study and learn antique clock repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs!! 


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