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The rule of thumb is once every 5 to 12 years.  Although your clock may be running fine, dirt, dust, old gummy oil and other impurities can begin to cause premature wear of the bearings.  Premature wear of the bearings will shorten the life of your clock.  The clock may be 100 years old, but will it last another 100 years?  How well has it be maintained in the last 100 years?  Good proper maintenance is never too late to start.  Many clock ailments can be fixed, but the longer you wait, greater damage can be created within movement.  This will require more invasive repair steps to restore the movement.

Most of the time when you buy an antique clock, is it in need of service.  It is likely that is has not been cleaned or properly serviced for many years.  It is best to service a clock when you buy it.  That way, you know that it is in optimum shape and when it will be time to service the clock in the future.


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