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There are several factors that can cause this to occur.  

Strike side of the clock movement unwound before the time side.  This caused the time side to continue to run while there was no power left on the strike side.  Some clocks are self regulating where this does not become an issue once both the time and strike sides are wound.  But in many clocks this is not the case.  If your clock is not self regulating, it will not eventfully cure itself.

The problem also can occur when clocks are set back one hour each year in the fall.

Another possibility for the a clock that strikes at the wrong time is a problem in the strike train function.  Someone who previously worked on the clock may not have correctly re-assemble the clock.  This is a common mistake of the lesser skilled clock repair person.

If you make any attempt to correct this problem, do not move the hands in a counter clockwise direction.  For many clocks this is not good practice.  You can try to move the hands in a clockwise direction to cure the problem.  If you are not sure, or afraid to tinker with the clock, have it adjusted by a clock Repair professional.  This is a simple fix for the repair person because they have a clear understanding of the workings of a clock movement.


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