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A clock that is running too fast or too slow can be adjusted in several ways.  The clock repair person can make the adjustment by way of the pendulum, an adjustment dial on the face of the clock as seen on Ingraham clocks, adjusting the regulating square or putting the clock in beat.  Other than adjusting the clock, the cause can be from wear or the clock movement is dirty.

Antique clocks are not precision time pieces.  If you require a precision time piece, buy a new quartz clock.  Antique clocks can lose or gain a minute or two per week.  Some very valuable antique clocks were made to be more precise.  These are known as regulators.  Although they are more accurate than less expensive antique clocks, they are not as accurate as a modern clock.  Regulators were considered superior to other clocks due to their accuracy.  As a marketing method, many clocks that were not regulators were called regulators.  Some clocks even had the name "Regulator" printed on the front of the clocks.  An informed collector of clocks would know the difference.  These non-regulators had a tendency to run too fast or too slow.  

Antique clocks are not only appreciated for their time mechanisms, but also for their design, beauty, materials, workmanship and representation of history.     


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