This is the first book of the on-line library being created by Tick Tock Productions™.  These antiquarian books are provided free to those interested in these rare books on the subject of clock and watch repair.  They have been reprinted many times over the decades.  The following books offered on this web site are presented from the original rare book editions. 


The Clock Jobber's Handybook

By Paul N. Hasluck

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 Hasluck, Paul N.  The Clock Jobber’s Handybook.  London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 1889.



This Handybook for Clock Jobbers is written much upon the same lines as the volume in this series on Watch Jobbing. These two trades are very closely allied; and the information contained in one will often be found to have direct bearing
upon the subject treated on in the other, so that these two handybooks form companion volumes. The tools requisite for clock cleaning and simple repairing
are few and inexpensive; and but a small amount of practice will give the necessary manipulative skill. Thus clock jobbing offers an occupation easily acquired by those who have aptitude for mechanical subjects, and in the following
pages sufficient information is given to afford a guide to successful operations.


September, 1889.


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This book is provided for historical perspective and an understanding of clock repair horology past.  Information contained within the book is not guaranteed to be accurate or correct accepted clock repair and restoration methods.  

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