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If you want to enjoy antique mechanical clocks as a hobby, repair your own collection or start a business of repair and restoration of clocks, this 4+ hour program of detailed instruction is for you.  No previous clock repair experience needed.  An additional 14.5 minutes of clock repair training has been added to the new 2006 expanded version.

This course was designed for the beginner, but also has much to offer to even a seasoned veteran of antique clock repair.  There is no other clock repair DVD or video course available with this amount of instruction and detail.  Filmed in high quality digital video, the easy to follow step by step approach guides you quickly through the basics and through intermediate level repairs.  More than just cleaning and servicing the movement.  This course includes many details, techniques and tips not normally covered or explained in other books or tapes.

No more confusing and hard to understand books and manuals.  See and understand with close up shots of actual clock repairs. Learn with minimal and common tools.  Many of the tools are adapted for clock repair from everyday ordinary tools.  Not a lot of expensive equipment.

This clock repair course consists of 2 volumes for a total of 4 DVD discs playable world wide, or 3 VHS video tapes recorded on the U.S. format.  Total course running time: 4 hours and 21 minutes.

There is a detailed 37 page repair manual full of additional tips, illustrations and diagrams.  Also a 5 page DVD/video program outline is included for going back to segments you may need to review.  All tools, materials, and equipment used in this video course are listed in the manual for easy reference to model, make, price, and where they can be purchased.

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Clock Repair 1 and 2 Volume I       Clock Repair 1 and 2 Volume II

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