Where do I learn clock or watch repair?

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The leading places of education that teach clock and watch repair:  

American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute -  Training Facility in Harrison, Ohio

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - School of Horology in Columbia, PA

The British Horological Institute - Upton Hall Upton, Newark, Notts. UK   

Gem City College - Quincy, Illinois

If you do not have easy access to these locations, or the cost to attend theses schools is prohibitive, the courses by Tick Tock Productions is your best alternative.

There are number of books written for those who want to learn clock and watch repair.  Many people find it difficult to learn on their own from a book.  Most are not well written or are too advanced.  It is best to learn by seeing and experiencing actual clock repair or watch repair procedures.


  Learn clock or watch repair with these DVD courses!  Course manuals are included. 

Watch, study and learn antique watch or clock repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs!! 


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