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Where are watch and clock repair courses offered?

Clock and watch repair courses are not offered in most places.  The three well known schools that offer clock and watch repair courses are:  NAWCC in Pennsylvania, AWCI in Ohio and BHI in England.

Unfortunately, most people do not have access watch and clock repair courses.  That is why these courses are offered here at Tick Tock Productions.  Each year a new course is created adding to the catalog of watch and clock repair courses.   

Many people enjoy collecting and repairing antique clocks and watches their entire lives.  Others take up and learn the repairing antique clocks and watches for a hobby or a side business in their retirement years. For many it is a life long career! It can be easier for those who have some skills in crafts or somewhat mechanically inclined. These clock repair and watch repair courses are designed for the beginner, the intermediate level person and even the professional.


  Learn clock and watch repair with these DVD courses!  Course manuals are included. 

Watch, study and learn antique watch and clock repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs!! 






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