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-Antique clock & watch repair courses- 

      Clock and watch repair courses on DVD or video    


  Learn clock or watch repair with these DVD courses!  Repair course manuals included. 

Watch and learn antique clock and watch repair through DVD course instruction using actual live repairs!!      


If you want to enjoy antique clocks and watches as a hobby, repair your own clock and watch  collections or start a clock and watch  repair business, these DVD courses are for you.  Each course has 4 to 4.5 hours or more of easy to learn antique clock and watch repair DVD instruction.  A course repair manual is included.  There are no other clock or watch  repair courses available on DVD or video with this amount of instruction, content, and detail.  Filmed in high quality digital video for superior DVD visual clarity.  You can up-convert these DVDs to near HD quality*.  These are not videos converted to DVD from old VHS tapes.  Watch, learn, and understand with close up shots of actual live clock and watch repair demonstrations.  These courses will teach you museum quality restoration and repair of antique clocks and watches.  Students of each course will learn the necessary steps to successfully repair many problems encountered with antique mechanical clocks and watches.     

Go to the testimonial section to read the responses from other students about these courses.   Why learn with DVDs versus the classroom or books?

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    1.   The Watch Repair Course Introduction to Watch Repair  &  The Watch Repair Course - Beginner watch repair  New release! Widescreen!

    2.   Clock Repair 1 and 2   Clock Repair 1 & 2                          - Beginner clock repair course   New expanded third edition! 

    3.   Advanced Clock Repair   Advanced Clock Repair                    - Intermediate clock repair course  

    4.   PRO advanced clock repair   PROFESSIONAL advanced clock repair  - Advanced clock repair course        

      5.   Clock Case Repair & Restoration   Clock Case Repair & Restoration    - Beginner clock repair course       

    6.   Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Basics   Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Basics            - Beginner lathe course             

    7.   Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Projects   Clockmaker Watchmaker Lathe Projects         - Intermediate lathe course     

      8.    Wooden Works Movement Repair    Wooden Works Movement Repair           - Intermediate clock repair course    



Note:  There have been other videos on the subject of clock and watch repair of varying quality and content.  They have ranged from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  Some are brief overviews, contain clock and watch repair tips or a few repair basics.  You canít sufficiently learn antique clock or watch repair in 30 minutes or 3 hours.  None of these other VHS videos or videos converted to DVD contain near to the amount of material, topics, details and content of these DVD courses offered here at Tick Tock Productions.  Each DVD course is 4 to 5 hours in length.  Each course has an accompanying course manual.  You can choose to take one or as many courses as you wish.  Total instruction offered from all courses is almost 35 hours of clock repair training.  

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Tick Tock Productions is dedicated to the development of antique clock and watch repair educational programs to promote and sustain horological interest throughout the world. 


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